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The Detailers Network NJ Event

It was an exciting week at Finer Details. About 20 members of The Detailers Network came to New Jersey to hone their skills on some classic American Muscle! A private collection was in need of our special brand of shine and we delivered! Two 1967 Corvettes and one 1966 Corvette were on the receiving end of several stages of paint correction and the 1966 was treated to 2 coats of GTechniq EXO paint coating. The owner of the collection offered up his daughter's daily driver for us to perfect our sanding skills and boy did that car need it! Three steps of sanding, compounding, polishing and a high tech sealant had this car looking close to new again. I teamed up with Harry Sandwith from Dirty Harry's Detailing in Rochelle Park to teach a segment on motorcycle detailing. Several members of our network were looking to expand their business into motorcycles and they called on us for help.

All of this was completed in three long days and at night we were treated to some great meals with great friends.

We had the pleasure of having a representative from Sonax, a German car care brand, spend the weekend with us and they even donated some prizes, along with Flex and Rupes, for a friendly, in house competition that I got to judge with Master Detailer and Trainer, Renny Doyle. Renny also did some filming for AutoDetailingTV so stay tuned for an episode featuring Finer Details!

This was a great weekend of training, reconnecting with some old friends, meeting new friends, working on some amazing automobiles and taking our businesses to the next level!

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