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Brand New Service Added!

At Finer Details, we have used Flex Polishers since our founding in 2011 because they are, quite frankly, the best tool in the industry. We always strive to ensure our customer's vehicles are serviced with the best tools and products the industry has to offer. We believe in the Flex brand so much, that we invested a lot of time and money into our relationship with them. Finer Details has been a Flex distributor for some time, but now were are also an authorized warranty service center, thanks to expert training from our friends at Powerhouse Distributing. Professionals and DIYer's can now have their Flex tools serviced right at our shop! If you are a proud Flex owner, like we are, and in need of a new machine, or service on an existing machine, give us a call and we will keep your polishers running like new! (732) 675-9639.

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