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Is Your Vehicle 50 Shades of Gray?

There has been no shortage of road salt and sand used on the roads this winter and it has been building up on your vehicle, turning it 50 Shades of Gray.

Whip Your Vehicle Into Shape This Spring!

Let Finer Details Get Your Vehicle 50-Shades Shinier!

She's a natural beauty through all that gray stuff, but Finer Details can get her 50 shades shinier.

We roll her into our Red Room of Clean where she must submit to a thorough interior and exterior detail in order to break down all the winter dirt and debris. Of course, if she needs some correction, we will pull out the Flex polishers and our favorite SONAX exterior polish, and buff her back to a showroom shine!

It is all completely painless and not only will she love it, but you will too! Sports car, family SUV, luxury sedan, classic or exotic ... she will look better than she has ever looked before!

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