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The following are actual quotes from our some of our customers.  The below quotes are typical results received after we pamper your vehicle!

Lauren, Wanamassa, NJ

Dear Bob,


First off, I want to thank you again for working your magic on my car.  I was amazed to see how great it turned out.  It looks better now than it did when I first purchased it.  My parents and I will be happy to reccommend you to our family, friends and neighbors.  Thanks again for a fantastic job at an incredible price.

West Long Branch, NJ
Sam T.
Long Branch, NJ

Hi Bob,


You are aware that I have a passion for new cars and very clean cars. They seem to drive better that way.  I feel compelled to write this blog to you on the results of the GTechniq paint coating which you applied on my new vehicle.  Trust me when I tell you that I do not endorse very many car detailing products.  The GTechniq application, hands down, stands alone in a premiere way.

A short story:

You applied the product to my new 2013 X1 white BMW a few months ago, just prior to a long trip to Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and back to New Jersey in two weeks.  I did not wash the car the entire trip because of lack of time and more so to test this product.  The vehicle went through several rainstorms, dirt, dust and bugs that literally coated the front of the car.  Aside from cleaning the windshield at the gas station, the car remained filthy.  You know that bothered me. Finally, 2500 miles later back in New Jersey, I took a garden hose with a nozzle force spray to the car and the dirt and bugs literally just ran off the car.  It still had that glistening shine to it that stood out after your application.  This product is amazing and well worth the two or three day process and the cost.  I then washed the car with soap and when done, I could have put the car back in the showroom.  Of course, I then went the extra mile and had the windshield and wheels done with that same process.  That too, is amazing.  A simple hose spray easily washes off the brake dust and I have yet to use my wiper blades in the rain!!  Kudos to you, the expert for putting me on to the "Finer Details" in the car world.  Thank you.

Sam T. - A Passionate car owner.


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