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Banish Ole' Man Winter For A Clean Spring!

Ole Man Winter Isn't Really Gone...He is hiding in the Interior Carpeting & Upholstery, and on the Exterior Paint. Salt, dirt, asphalt, and frozen road rash has attached itself to your vehicle in ways you can't see. The remnants of the long, hard winter is eating away at your paint, clogging the brakes, and gooping up your wheel wells. And that is just on the outside! Dripping umbrellas and boot sludge is hiding in the fibers of your carpets and floor mats, even the fabrics of your seats are receptacles for leftover dirt and grime. The dirty ole' man isn't gone... he has left his mark in the form of grunge and moisture that will cause bacteria, mold, and mildew this summer.

Contact Bob Wiener at Finer Details and get a Complimentary Exterior Wash with an Interior Detail now through May 31!

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