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GTECHNIQ EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating



EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating


There is something defiant about water beading up on the surface of a beautiful automobile.  Those glistening droplets are a testament to the ultra-hydrophobic, slick-to-the-touch shine that promise no streaks or water spots when the storm passes.  It has taken many years to develop a product like GTECHNIQ’s EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating.  Based on cutting edge Smart Surface Science technology, EXO chemically attaches itself to the vehicle’s hard base coat so that the coating itself becomes the new surface of your vehicle.


How tough is that?


Let’s put it this way ― The EXO formula combines the indestructible qualities of a hard protective exterior coating with the shine properties that enrich the luster of the paint, to sustain an enduring wet-look shine that repels dirt and dangerous UV rays.  Furthermore, EXO will last for years, not months, through multiple washings.  Absolutely no wax or polish is needed.  Add an extra base coat of GTECHNIQ’s Crystal Lacquer, and you will still pay half the dealership’s cost, and get seven years of sustainability!


Lasts Significantly Longer Than Dealer-applied Sealants at ½ the price!


Many dealerships try to sell additional paint protection for your new car.  The product they apply is an inferior sealant for which they may charge $1,500 or more. Finer Details is a GTECHNIQ Master Accredited studio.  We will apply a double shot of EXO, giving your vehicle years of resilience, color enhancement, and exterior sparkle ― all for less than half the price of the dealership!  Furthermore, you can guarantee this protection for up to 7 years with the purchase of a Vehicle Surface Protection Warranty.


New Cars & Older Cars See the Benefits


Most car dealerships will not go to the expense or risk the chances of their product not working on a pre-owned vehicle.  Because Finer Details' technicians are experts in paint correction and maintenance, we will apply EXO to any vehicle, regardless of age, restoring the beauty of your aging vehicle.  In addition, vehicles that are 3 years old or newer, qualify for our extended Vehicle Surface Protection Warranty.  Protect, repel, enhance, and shine!  GTECHNIQ EXO UDHC works on all painted surfaces including clear coat or matte finishes, enamel, single stage paint, wheels, chrome, or stainless parts and trim.


NOTE: The surface on which the GTECHNIQ coating is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough detailing and paint correction may be necessary prior to application.  These services are not included in the cost of any GTECHNIQ treatments unless otherwise specified.


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