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Interior & Exterior Warranty


GTECHNIQ has nearly a decade invested in the development of their Smart Surface Science technology and as a Master Accredited GTECHNIQ Studio, Finer Details' technicians are specially trained to advise customers on the coatings that are most appropriate to the needs of their vehicle, and properly prepare that vehicle for their application.  This expertise in both the products themselves and their application process allows Finer Details to proudly offer our customers the option to purchase additional protection with a Limited Warranty proffered by GTECHNIQ at the corporate level on both new and pre-owned vehicle.  The warranty is available to purchase as part of our comprehensive Platinum Surface Protection Package.


New Car Warranty Inclusions (7 Year)


1. Exterior Paint Coverage on EXOv2 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating for surfaces damaged by:

  • weather induced acid rain

  • bird droppings

  • tree sap

  • insects

  • spray paint

  • hard water spots

  • exposure to the sun causing fading, chalking, loss of glossroad de-icing materials


2. Interior Smart Fabric or Vinyl/Leather Guard (includes factory floor mats and factory-installed trunk and/or cargo area carpet, damaged by:

  • ultraviolet-induced fading

  • cracking, loose seam stitching

  • permanent interior staining caused by food, drink, ink, dye, makeup, etc.

  • ultraviolet-induced weakening of the vinyl/leather surfaces resulting in punctures less than a half-inch in diameter or rips or tears less than one-inch


Pre-owned Vehicle Warranty Inclusions


The same inclusions apply to pre-owned vehicles up to 4-years-old. Only the length of the warranty is affected. If your vehicle is:

  • 1-year old - 6-year limited warranty regardless of mileage

  • 2-years old - 5-year limited warranty regardless of mileage

  • 3-years old - 4-year limited warranty regardless of mileage

  • 4-years old - 3-year limited warranty regardless of mileage


Ask a Finer Details technician for more information on our Warranty program.


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