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GTECHNIQ I1 Smart Fabric


GTECHNIQ I1 Smart Fabric


Accidents happen but when they happen inside your car, that splash of coffee, splat of ketchup, or smear of chocolate from sticky children’s fingers devalues your automotive asset.  Your seats, carpet, floor mats and even your convertible top experience the natural wear and tear from use.  Dripping raincoats and umbrellas, muddy shoes, and seasonal debris muck up the carpeting and floor mats, all further decreasing the value of your car or truck.  GTECHNIQ’s amazing new I1 Smart Fabric coating for carpet and fabrics uses their unprecedented Smart Surface Science technology to coat and bond to each fiber of the material on which it is applied, leaving the texture of the fabric or carpeting unaffected so it can “breathe” and stay fresh, while repelling water and oil-based liquids.


Lasts 5 Times Longer Than Conventional Repellants


Other products designed to make cleaning fabrics, carpeting, and floor mats easier consist of topical spray-on formulas that deposit a thin film over the exposed fibers of the material that quickly wears away in a matter of weeks.  With Smart Fabric, spills, even those that stain, roll off the surface so you can simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.  Smart Fabric lasts five times longer than conventional repellent coatings.  Remember, spills deposit bacteria that when left behind, cause odors. Prevent odors from taking root in your vehicle as well!


Extended Uses


Let Finer Details' GTECHNIQ Master Accredited technicians apply I1 Smart Fabric on your automotive carpets, floor mats, textile seats, and convertible top.  You can guarantee this protection for up to 7 years with the purchase of a Vehicle Surface Protection Warranty.  Ask us about applications for outdoor furniture, shoes, and clothing, as well.


NOTE: The surface on which the GTECHNIQ surface protection is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application.  These services are not included in the cost of any GTECHNIQ treatments unless otherwise specified.

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