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GTECHNIQ C2v3 Liquid Crystal



C2V3 Liquid Crystal


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could coat your vehicle in something that would repel dirt as you drove down the road yet still enhance the color of the paint and preserve its brilliant shine?  You could cut down on the need for weekly carwashes and the hard labor involved in waxing and polishing.


There is ― Liquid Crystal Lasts Up to 8 Months!


C2V3 Liquid Crystal is one of several revolutionary coating products made by GTECHNIQ using their unprecedented Smart Surface Science technology.  When applied professionally, the formula chemically bonds to the paint so that removing it is harder than applying it.  A single application lasts an average of 8 months, rather than a few weeks like most across-the-counter waxes and polishes.  Liquid Crystal rejects UV rays that fade your exterior paint, and cuts down on the need for weekly carwashes, while eliminating the need for waxing.


Quick and Affordable


Liquid Crystal is one of Finer Details' quickest, easiest, and most affordable long-term durable coatings for the exterior of your vehicle, motorcycle, RV, boat, or private airplane and enhances the gloss on painted surfaces, glass, and doorjambs.


NOTE: The surface on which the GTECHNIQ coating is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough detailing including paint correction may be necessary prior to application.  These services are not included in the cost of any GTECHNIQ treatments unless otherwise specified.

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